Members of the Polish Process Mining Group undertake common initiatives that aim to develop new research in the field of process mining, promote existing research, establish new platforms of collaboration and contribute to the research of the global community.

Business Process Intelligence Challenge 2014

Organizers of the Business Process Intelligence (BPI) Challenge provide participants with a real-life event log. Participants are asked to analyze these data using whatever techniques available, focusing on one or more of the process owner's questions or proving other unique insights into the process captured in the event log. Participation in BPI Challenge gives a possibility to validate research methods on the real life date and confront them with analysis performed by other researchers and practitioners.

Participants: Zbigniew Paszkiewicz, Andrzej Stroiński, Karol Fabisz, Sergiusz Strykowski. Additionally, Zbigniew Paszkiewicz has signed up for being a mentor of one of the international student teams taking part in BPI Student Challenge.

Ubiqcomp 2014

The UbiComp/ISWC 2014 Programming Competition offers the chance to have an insight into data describing how people use their smartphones. Available dataset has 100 billion records of Android smartphone usage from over 17,000 devices across the globe.

The aim of this initiative is to convert available dataset to event log and apply process mining techniques for its analysis. The resulting event log will be unlabeled. The are two scientific goals for this initiative: (1) understand how people use their smartphones in various contexts, (2) validate and develop new methods for mining large unlabeled event logs.

Participants: Karol Fabisz, Zbigniew Paszkiewicz, Andrzej Stroiński

Process Mining Day

The aim of the Day is two fold: (1) to organize a meeting of Polish scientists who are actively involved in research in the area of process mining, (2) to promote the practical applications of process mining in industry and lay foundation for scientific cooperation with industry in the area of process mining in Poland.

Organizers: Andrzej Stroiński, Zbigniew Paszkiewicz, Dariusz Dwornikowski, Karol Fabisz

Regular meetings

Regular meetings are hold on the local level of city or province. Information concerning meetings is available on Meetings and Events page.


The newsletter is distributed bi-monthly among PGEP members. Newsletter concerns activities, events and initiatives undertaken by the Group and other people and institutions working internationally in the area of process mining. All the newsletters are available also on News page.

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